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Accepting the challenge of advising national, multinational, multilatins companies and public entities on labor and social security has led us for almost a decade to focus on understanding each of our clients. This is how we have gotten to offer practical, innovative and effective solutions in four areas of labor law with a team of professionals who care to understand and share the importance of a strategic vision, respond to their needs and speak the language of their business.


We advise companies and entities in different collective conflicts labor disputes with the structuration of collective agreements, collective negotiations, strikes and arbitration courts.

  • We are known as experts in the advise in collective labor negotiations process and labor collective conflicts.
  • In the last years we advise the National Government and private companies in labor collective conflicts of greater importance in Colombia.
  • Structuring collective bargaining strategies according to the particularities of each organization.
  • Our client’s negotiation team preparation and training.
  • Methodological structuring of the negotiation process for the planning of budgets and the company’s targets within the collective bargaining of work.
  • Participation on the negotiation table and in the schematization of collective work agreements, in accordance with the objectives set by the company.
  • We are nationally recognized for our knowledge of the labor union phenomenon and its internationalization.
  • Advice on strikes, arbitration courts and conciliation panels that can be presented within collective bargaining processes.


We assume the judicial representation of our clients in ordinary and special process in front of ordinary jurisdiction and, also, in front of contentious administrative jurisdiction.

  • Area formed by a team of lawyers specialized in litigation.
  • Previous analysis of the case to establish the best defense strategy for our clients.
  • Study of the litigation that involves the determination of economic, strategic and political risks and allows determining the convenience of the lawsuit.
  • National coverage to represent clients.
  • Handling of ordinary labor disputes, special labor processes, appeals in the Supreme Court of Justice, administrative litigation, among others.


We accompany companies and entities in the administration of individual and collective labor relations, resolving all the queries that are formulated, with the aim of having a structure that provides legal security.

  • Structuring regulations and labor policies of companies.
  • Analysis, definition and administration of hiring and outsourcing schemes.
  • Management of disciplinary matters of litigation.
  • Administration of salaries and variable and flexible compensation schemes.
  • Definition of shifts and work days.
  • Analysis of compliance structures of the obligations of the integral social security system (risks, health and pensions).
  • Understanding and management of the different constitutional and legal jurisdictions that exist in the country.
  • Advice on labor harassment issues.
  • Apprenticeship management.
  • Expatriation of workers.
  • Problems resolution regarding business groups and business unit.
  • Realization of concepts in individual, collective and social security labor law.
  • Clients’ representation in complaints and conciliations before the Ministry of Labor.
  • Performing all the procedures required before the Ministry of Labor to generate an adequate labor shielding for companies.


We are aware of the importance of actions for protection in our country today. That is why we have a special area that is responsible for representing our customers in the procedures of this mechanism.

  • Representation of companies and entities in the proceedings of actions for protection in which individual, collective or social security work aspects are discussed.
  • Structuring of the defense strategy within the actions for protection, determining the level of risk of the constitutional action.
  • Actions in the different stages of the process of the action for protection.
  • Interposition of actions for protection via de facto
  • Representation before the Constitutional Court in actions for protection that are subject to revision.