Since 2011 we took the challenge of advising national and multinationals enterprises on labor and social security issues, whom we consider the engine’s economy and progress in the country. From job counseling we offer practical, innovative and effective solutions, which share your business’ strategic vision, they response to your requirements and speak your language.

  Juan Manuel Guerrero, Partner and Director

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Our Services


We advise companies and entities in different collective conflicts labor disputes with the structuration of collective agreements, collective negotiations, strikes and arbitration courts.


We assume the judicial representation of our clients in ordinary and special process in front of ordinary jurisdiction and, also, in front of contentious administrative jurisdiction.


We accompany companies and entities in the administration of individual and collective labor relations, resolving all the queries that are formulated, with the aim of having a structure that provides legal security.


We are aware of the importance of actions for protection in our country today. That is why we have a special area that is responsible for representing our customers in the procedures of this mechanism.

We generate trust


Our career and specialization in Labor Law has led us to be recognized by several of the most important directories in the world as a leading firm in corporate labor counseling in the national and regional legal market.