We understand that our reason for being as social actors goes beyond the provision of legal services responsibly and transparently. For that reason, and to ensure that our performance is sustainable, we extend our DNA to a social dimension in which we actively contribute to the development of the communities, also understood as a source of growth and progress for the country and its regions. That is why we work every day to ensure that the performance of our activities is increasingly in harmony with our environment.

We are part of Fundación Pro Bono

We are aware of the importance of facilitating access to justice for natural and legal persons in conditions of vulnerability within the framework of the defense of a Social State of Law. Is why, since 2019, we presented the Fundación Pro Bono our letter of intent to be part of a group of more than 50 firms and independent lawyers who for a decade have found this organization a tool to bring their knowledge to communities for free.

According to the Departamento Nacional de Planeación (DNP) and Pro Bono, only 48% of the people who identify having a legal problem go to a state entity to solve it. Another 23% prefer not to do anything against the need, 1.2% take a violent route of action and the remaining 0.5% go to armed groups to solve it.

In this sense, our human team is committed to the fulfillment of the “Pro Bono of the Americas Work Declaration”, recognizing Pro Bono as a bridge for the social development of the country, but also as an opportunity for the professional and personal growth of the lawyers, the exchange of knowledge and the deepening in their area of performance.

We are committed to reducing student desertion

We are convinced that the success of a country is associated with education, this being the way to begin to close gaps and solve a good part of its problems. But, especially, we consider it a fundamental vehicle for the development and improvement of the social and economic conditions of the vulnerable populations of our country.

To that extent, every year, we offer financial support to the beneficiaries of the Help Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to promote low-income populations to finish their studies to prevent the increase and the existence of student desertion for economic reasons.