Ministry of Education must negotiate with unions an improvement of working conditions for teachers: Juan Manuel Guerrero

With the start of the new Government of Iván Duque, the Ministry of Education has new challenges to meet in order to solve the problems of teaching in topics such as investment and working conditions for teachers nationwide.

Precisely within the labor issue, Juan Manuel Guerrero Managing Partner of the firm Guerrero y Asociados, believes that the Ministry of Education will have the challenge of following the structure of negotiations with the education sector unions that are fiscally responsible with the country and continue to build solutions for the problems currently facing the teaching profession.

“We must continue with the idea of collective bargaining with fiscal responsibility that does not compromise the country’s finances and that opts for improvements in the education system and the working conditions of teachers. Collective bargaining must be developed and must be built on important foundations left by the negotiation with Fecode in 2016 and understand very well how effective compliance with these agreements has been generated”, he said.

According to Guerrero one of the most important challenges that the Ministry of Education has, is to structure a correct strategy for collective bargaining that will be developed with Fecode and with all unions in the education sector, including the internal union of the Ministry, to continue making progress in the improvement in the working conditions of the teachers, being fiscally responsible.

By News Colombia

August 13th, 2018